Students are Introduced to a Vocation By Doing the Vocation

To make the dreams of Vo-Zone come true, it will take the combined skills and talents of hundreds of artisans, carpenters, engineers, scientists, and craftsmen. We are looking for artists who have two uncommon genes in their artistic makeup. You are willing to try anything, and you do not know how to say no. The Vo-Zone, a land of imagination, where you must believe that the impossible is a simple order of the day, so instilled in your spirit, that you never stop to think it cannot be done – you just do it, with amazing speed! (The wording for this paragraph gathered from the Disney Archives. Vo-Zone’s will introduce vocations to under-resourced youth through facilities themed and run like amusement parks.)

Introducing Vocations that lead to high paying jobs right out of high school.


Aristotle said, “For things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” The Vo-Zone will be uniquely motivating because the Fab Lab Interns partner with Escape Room Interns when designing the immersive experiences.

Competitions continue to evolve as tournaments grow in fun and entertainment.

Robotics competitions expand around the country and globally. This growth rate does not extend to schools in improvised neighborhoods. Vo-Zone facilities will change this by providing Trained Interns to start and facilitate Robotics Teams at these under resourced schools. Interns paid from Ticket Sale income to the Vo-Zone. 

Interns will perform live shows every day with each show delivering excellence. 

Performing live entertainment is transformative and can positively alter the trajectory of a person’s life. Vo-Zone Live Show experience is designed to enhance performance talent and teach important life skills: teamwork, initiative, goal setting, communication, confidence, overcoming challenges, problem solving, etc. Skills that will make them great employees in whatever career path they choose.

Teaching through Immersive Experiences is more powerful than a lecture.

The escape room and immersive gaming world has long been shifting towards the theatrical with games that explore the human condition, and help each player better understand their capabilities in this world.

Change the trajectory of accused youth by changing the sentencing.

It is becoming way too common for a youth who enters the traditional Juvenile Judicial System to remain a victim of the same system that is intended to reform them. 

Communicating to overcome obstacles even with cultural differences.

We place participants in situations where they must set aside differences to overcome a challenge. This approach, we have found, produces in participants a more natural bond akin to that developed within a real-life search-and-rescue-team. This reconciliation process uses elaborate story lines in simulated rescue missions in a themed Vo-Zone facility.

Weekly Drone Competitions
in the themed Drone Cage.

In a matter of years nearly every shipping company in the world will use drones in order to increase their efficiency. Currently, the opportunity to experience drone flying is rare for many urban students. The Vo-Zone changes this, giving under resourced students an introduction that could lead to an exciting career as a FAA Licensed Drone Pilot.

A liaison for city-based youth into the world of outdoor recreation and teambuilding.

The Vo-Zone facility is built using a grid system allowing for climbing adventures though out; including a wheelchair accessible course that wraps around the entire outside of the facility. Having the unique experience of rising to new heights at the Vo-Zone, our youth will grow, learn to trust themselves, and will be in demand for the ever-increasing call for diverse representation in the board rooms of the billion-dollar Aerial Adventure industry.

Immersive experiences that support mental health and personal growth.

Training for youth to manage how they cope with big emotions, heal from past traumas, and discover and cultivate strengths. Over 40 million Americans have panic attacks, and many lives are ruined by a split-second decision made in anger.

Online broadcasting with Interns in front of and behind the cameras.

Interns learn the elements of Preproduction, Production, and Post-Production as they are Broadcasting Online the unique performances and competitions in the Vo-Zone – for the world to see.

We are at our best when we are serving or helping others.

In the event of a major catastrophe, there will be a need to coordinate civilians to assist in emergency care. We can identify which civilians we have previously trained in the Vo-Zone Wellness Area and recorded their specific certifications approvals in the CoreFire App.

Matches every weekend. A gathering place for partnering locations and participants.

The Grappling Area will have two DJ booths and a stage. Multiple video screens will highlight and promote participants. For many youth it will be inspirational to see themselves on “the big screen.” The Vo-Zone offers the excitement of the streets without the habits of the streets. This is the kind of training center we need to inspire those that others consider “lost causes.”