Honor to Serve

By Deputy Director, Hope Lloyd I believe we are at our best when we are serving or helping others, whether it is on an emergency scene, helping co-workers or mentoring young people.

Vo-Zone Prepares for a Major Catastrophe

In the event of a major catastrophe, there will be a need to coordinate a large number of civilians to assist in emergency care. We can identify which civilians, both adult and youth, that we have previously trained in the Vo-Zone Wellness Area and recorded their specific certification approvals into the CoreFire App.

While at first glance, the Vo-Zone and supporting CoreFire Comic and Card game looks like an enjoyable form of entertainment, the reality is, the Vo-Zone is a game changer in the event of a being prepared for a real emergency.

Hope Lloyd, Deputy Director, Memphis Fire Department

Toughest Two Minutes in Sports

By Fire Fighter, Stephen Zachar I’ve toured all around the country competing in ‘Fire Fighter Challenge Competitions.’ Each location has a different temporary setup. I have never seen a permanent location in a training or community center. I can’t wait to work with the Vo-Zone team in designing a first-class Fire Fighter Challenge Course that will be an entertaining obstacle for guests but also attract Fire Fighters throughout the region. Sometimes called the ‘Toughest Two Minutes in Sports” will have another unique feature in the Vo-Zone. Through the use of RFID wristband technology, participants can have their scores recorded and uploaded through the CoreFire App to their profile. The top scores from the different Fire Fighter Battalions will end up earning a spot in the CoreFire Commando Card Game. In my experience working with Fire Fighters from around the country, they are a competitive bunch. Being featured in the game will be a fun distraction and a positive way to recognize Fire Fighters.