Eads, TN

Currently under construction.
Photos of the rooms
that have been built so far.

Performance Stages

Music and dance are the best ways to de-compress after tense Rescue Missions. Vo-Zone Eads has over 2,000 square feet of performance stages available for you to prove Mom wrong about your future entertainment career.

Mission Zone

A guide introduces obstacles only possible for a team to overcome using collaborative problem solving and occasional physical skill. Similar to a mathlete doing a mud run, minus the mud.

CoreFire Construction

Back in the day you were probably encouraged to put down the Erector Set and hit the sandlot with the local rambunctious youth, but now that you’re older you can keep on crafting, Smalls.

Scream Maze

In the Scream Maze we provide you with an opportunity to learn how to not only operate in, but overcome and thrive in terrifying situations. Another option would be to ponder the increasingly mechanistic societal norms structuring the American Dream. 

CoreFire Community

If you have ever been anxious walking into the cafeteria, we have a spot for you.


This community is constantly growing and evolving depending on the people bringing energy through the doors. All energies welcome, yes energizer bunny, even you.

Commando Course

We strive to create a more majestic world by training as Commandos, always ready to combat the struggles of today’s world and bring relief to devastated areas. Except our Commandos wear underwear, most of the time.

Gothic Mansion

This is the Mansion you had no idea you were waiting for.


I have been tangled up here for three days. Send help.


Some of the construction crew has gone missing. Last scene in the Tomb.


Every human has unique set of skills, ideas, and energy that the world deserves to see fabricated. Whether your interests include taking the spotlight, speed eating hot dogs, or building tech equipment, we aim to encourage and assist the pursuit of these talents.


Our community is similar to a narwhal, the cross between a dolphin and a rhino. We believe in teamwork. When one member slows down, the others place the load upon their own backs and picks each other up. Here, success is found in a united contributive effort, all moving in one direction like the charge of a rhino. Yet, we have the charm, family atmosphere, and squeaky calls of a pack dolphins.

For more info about Vo-Zone Eads, call Coach Ty 901-461-4041
One minute video of Vo-Zone Eads: