Teaching through Entertainment

By Jerry L. Burrell   Vo-Zone performance Stages will be cutting edge. There will be special effects along with high tech lighting and video screens built into the stages. As a semifinalist on “America’s Got Talent” and a performer in shows on stages around the world, I’ve experienced what it’s like to contribute to first-class productions and I know how impactful that can be. The Interns will put on live shows every day during lunch and dinner striving with each performance to deliver excellence and inspire excellence in others. Café seating in the performance area insures a built-in audience.

The Real Reason

The Live Show Experience will inspire and motivate the participants. I’ve worked with over 50 performers as members of our team, all of whom count the experience as life changing. Delivering live entertainment is transformative and can positively alter the trajectory of a person’s life. The CoreFire system is designed to enhance performance talent and teach important life skills: teamwork, initiative, goal setting, communication, confidence, overcoming challenges, problem solving, etc. Skills that will make them great employees in whatever career path they choose or effective leaders if they choose an entrepreneurial route. Youth who show potential and passion for a professional career in the performance industry will be encouraged in that direction and provided additional training.

Jerry L. Burrell; America’s Got Talent Season 1, Season 9 & Semifinals in Season 4; Formerly “Turbo” Houston Rockets Mascot, Founder High Impact Dunk Team, United States Freestyle Dunk Federation – Governing body of for International Competitions.