Drone Cage

Technology of the Future

By Caleb Hilliard Drones are now used by thousands of major companies, for shipping, photography, gathering data, etc… In a matter of years nearly every shipping company in the world will use drones in order to increase their efficiency. The Drone Cage will not only introduce this up-and-coming technology to students, it will allow the students to become comfortable with operating drones at high speeds, manage intricate controls, and programming. The Drone Repair Shop, which will be in each Vo-Zone, will teach the vital skills of building/repairing drones. As a videographer for a local news station, becoming a FAA licensed drone pilot greatly increased the quality of my news stories. Currently, the opportunity to experience Drone flying is rare for many urban students. The Vo-Zone changes this, giving under resourced students an introduction that could lead to an opportunity of a lifetime with an exciting career as a FAA licensed Drone Pilot.