What is it?

Every once in while something comes along that is truly unique. Disrupts the status quo. Are Vo-Zone facilities Entertainment Centers or Vocational Training Centers? Is it a Museum? School? Live Performance Venue? By combing these facilities into one, it becomes something unique.

Currently, there is a Vo-Zone facility under construction in Eads, TN. Vo-Zone Admin are raising funds so Interns and volunteers can join the contractors to finish building this location. Hopefully, the first of many Vo-Zones. Teams are being formed around the world to bring a Vo-Zone facility to their city.

If you look at nonprofit facilities such as libraries, community centers and performing arts theaters that have been built recently, you will notice significant improvements in appearance over many of the older facilities. Many will have modern looking architecture with grand entrances and luxurious seating. The buildings are built with better materials but what has not changed, for the most part, are the teaching strategies provided for youth. The main method of teaching remains as a teacher lecturing in front of a group of students. Now, think about the growing trends in the past decade of elaborate for-profit entertainment centers such as Escape Rooms, Laser Tag Zones and Climbing Areas. These centers are designed to be dynamic and exciting while keeping a high traffic flow to turn a profit. The teams Coach Ty is putting together for Vo-Zone facilities bring the best of current entertainment strategies to create interactive teaching opportunities. Teaching through entertainment.

Supporting our youth should be a top priority.

By Ike Griffith If there has been a time to really support our youth, the time is now. It’s a must we become Educational Promoters with a new vision in supporting our youth to become productive individuals in society. Creating new norms for the success and the engagement of our youth must be in place for better outcomes, not only for our youth, but our parents, business partners, and communities. New norms must be created to support our youth whether they pursue post-secondary education or vocational education careers. As Educational Promoters, we must embrace the interest of our youth and provide innovative ways to make their interest a reality. However, the support of the community, businesses and the faith-based sector will need to be in place to start the process.
Vo-Zone is a great place to capture the interest of our students in providing a positive way in ensuring their success and embracing their interest. We all know that every child won’t attend a post-secondary institution of higher learning, but there is an alternative through vocational education. The Vo-Zone embraces that alternative through construction trades, robotics, broadcasting, culinary, law and justice and much more. In other words, the Vo-Zone can be considered the helpmate to vocational education institutions in providing hands on experiences in different career areas for our youth.
It’s very important we adapt to changing conditions in our society to keep all youth engaged in a positive direction, especially when they’re not in school. The Vo-Zone, in my opinion, will help us to adapt to those conditions.