School of Wellness and Mental Health

By Paige Scheinberg Through the School of Wellness and Mental Health, students will be able to engage in immersive experiences that raise awareness of and support their mental health and personal growth and development. This will allow youth to reimagine how they can better cope with big emotions, heal from past traumas, and discover and cultivate strengths. Over 40 million Americans have panic attacks, and many lives are ruined because of a split-second decision made in anger. We will train the Interns to work along side our mental health professionals team to serve as powerful co-facilitators and role models in our rehabilitation programs. We believe this approach has incredible potential to build bridges between youth and communities, as well as keep our students engaged and invested. Our metal health offerings will include Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and Recreational Therapy.

Art Therapy

I become an art therapist because I wanted to help people learn, grow, and heal though art. I wholeheartedly believe – and have found in my work – that we all have creative abilities AND that art is a powerful language and vehicle for healing, especially when we don’t have the words to express what is happening or what we have gone through. The Vo-Zone environment and offerings set the stage for inviting youth to playfully explore, to engage with openness, and to achieve through the lens of curiosity. This playful, engaging, curious way of being fits right in with the Art Therapy experience. Art Therapy focuses on how the creative process and materials (i.e., drawing, painting, sculpting, digital art) empowers people of all ages. So many of our youth have been through so much – from trauma and loss to sickness and extreme stress. Art therapy provides a way to begin processing the releasing of these emotions and life experiences through safe, engaging, creative experiences. I look forward to working with the Vo-Zone team to develop art therapy programs for all the Vo-Zone locations.

Paige Scheinberg, MS, ATR-BC
Board-Certified Art Therapist
Founder, SHINE ON Consulting

“Youth who typically are not encouraged or appreciated, found that art [therapy] gave them a form of expressing their feelings and gave them a greater sense of self-worth. What often takes weeks to peel back layers of their issues and who you are really working with is accelerated through art therapy.”

Richard Graham, Executive Director,
JIFF (Juvenile Intervention and
Faith-Based Follow-Up)