Teaching through Stories

CoreFire Comic cover by Dean Zachary

Change the World with Creativity

By Dean Zachary Comic Books demonstrate how our pop culture of superheroes is appealing to youth, but WHY do we enjoy watching Superman or Spider-Man battle the bad guys? Good vs Evil. Love vs Hate. Isn’t that the most important lesson of all? Answering the “How?” is a fantastic way to learn valuable skills for future survival but answering the question “Why?” tells us how we should behave toward our fellow humans. What does it mean to be Good? If your quest begins with this question, strength, wisdom and prosperity await, so what are you waiting for? Train at Vo-Zone. Become the Superhero you were meant to be!

Dean Zachary, Professional Artist and Writer
Dean has done artwork for DC Comics: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superboy, Green Lantern. Also, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Jonny Quest and many others including the CoreFire Comic

Real Life Heroes

We recruit and train real-life superheroes. CoreFire derives its name from the CoreFire Commandos Comic, which chronicles adventures of elite search-and-rescue operatives. We design each event, game, activity and curriculum as a piece of the CoreFire Commando universe. We take this seriously because we believe the only thing more powerful than a good story is the chance to become a part of that story. What makes CoreFire different is our ability to use experiential entertainment—events in which participants train to become CoreFire Commandos themselves—and the excitement it creates, as a catalyst for life-changing learning opportunities. We’ve proven that this unique learning environment is effective for all age groups and socioeconomic levels.

CoreFire Comic Getting Rave Reviews from Young Adults

Comments: “I love how fast-paced the plot is. I am an avid reader, but I often don’t finish books because they move to slow. There is definitely nothing slow about the CoreFire Comic!”
“The story was crazy and had lots of ups and downs. Lots of plot development and character development.”
“The story moves forward. It’s a page-turner.”
“Niki is my favorite character because she stands up for those who can’t (or won’t) stand up for themselves, and at the same time, she doesn’t make the ‘bad guy’ the enemy. She makes the bad guy’s way of thinking the enemy.”

Personalized Trading Card

Accomplishing your training goals and seeing your scores go up on your personalized Trading Card is motivational. 

Recognition Leads to Hope

By Randy Odom We had over 450 youth participate in CoreFire Rescue Training events. Many of our youth leaders commented on how some of the kids came out of their shells and did things they didn’t think they could or would do. Our kids were so surprised to see themselves in the CoreFire Trading Card game. That was one the highlights for many of the youth. It’s a really cool idea and the kids never expected to have their own face on a card they used in the game. 

Having your own personized trading card, with your photo and stats, is exciting for youth. For the youth who are living in poverty or in under resourced situations it is really uplifting because, unfortunately, they typically don’t receive positive encouragement. Our youth love playing the card game, but I believe the real benefit will be in the next phase because it will encourage effort even when they are not playing. The game will be connected to the CoreFire App so parents, coaches, teachers can access it on a mobile device and record when the youth spend time training.
Time spent training increases the youth’s scores on their card, thus making them more valuable in the game. The kid who is always picked last when choosing sides on the playground, or the youth who never seems to get a high test score, can now be measured by effort. The game is designed to reward discipline. Sometimes, all it takes is a little recognition to give a student hope for their future.