CoreFire App Successfully Launched

The CoreFire App delivers a complete training session to the High School Interns. Accessed through their phone.

The CoreFire App keeps a running time clock for each training session and for each individual activity. Tracks and reports scores.

Duncan Williams of Duncan Williams, Inc. “Think of the CoreFire App as the first system to integrate a social media type of database into a gamified system with the purpose of helping students track and record volunteer experiences, training efforts and receive mentorship. Specifically designed to connect students to the business community.”

CoreFire App delivers procedures to Interns phone. Interns can facilitate high tech activities.

Stephen Hackett “Working in a high-tech environment does not have to be intimidating to students. Clear, concise procedures can take the edge off any equipment or production task. Professionally-written, well-illustrated documentation can let anyone who is interested begin to learn technical skills. Learning something complex from a verbal explanation isn’t an easy task. I worked as an Intern with CoreFire throughout high school and college, and among the many lessons I learned in those years, having the ability to clearly communicate complex technical tasks into a written procedure was at the forefront. Having this skill has paid dividends in my professional career ever since.”
Stephen Hackett, Founder of Hackett Technical Media

Photo of one of CoreFire's teams performing at a corporate award presentation.

Scott Vomvolakis “I have worked alongside CoreFire and their amazing performers for numerous high-end corporate presentations in several countries. CoreFire has developed a brilliant system that uses standardized lighting and video scripts for award presentations, banquets and professional meetings. This allows for Interns, who follow standardized software cues, to facilitate high quality productions. Hosting these productions will prepare Interns to enter the multi-billion dollar event production business.”
Scott Vomvolakis, Weapons of Mass Percussion, Inc.

With years of working alongside dozens of urban youth organizations, CoreFire has learned, the most valuable information we all need to know at this stage in our collective partnership, is which Training Activities are the most effective to attain the outcomes that we wish to achieve. Relationships are important, but relationships without effective Training Activities prevent us from reaching success in scalable outcomes. With the monitoring capabilities of the CoreFire App we can begin to scientifically study which Training Activities are most effective at reaching the chosen outcomes. Educators and sociologists, will be able to use the data collected through the CoreFire App, submit it into the following equation and produce factual information toward understanding which Training Activities are creating the outcomes needed to overcome the challenges that we have been facing for decades.

CoreFire Equation for Change:

Specific Training Activities + Specific Individual = Specific Outcomes

Research will include:
Which specific collection of Training Activities
(How often, led by who, ratio of student to leader, which activities, etc.) +
Applied to an individual with specific characteristics
(Socioeconomic status, race, age, attitude, experience, etc.) =
Generate a specific set of outcomes
(Skills, work ethic, wellness, leadership, integrity, positive conduct, graduation, etc.) at a certain percentage success rate.