Online Streaming

By Corey Davis  Students will learn the elements of Preproduction, Production and Post-Production. Youth Employment programs offer students the opportunity to learn employability skills and soft skills such as effective communication, productive collaboration and management skills. Excitement is generated from online streaming of their work for the world to see. With the unique events and competitions in the building, the world will be watching. I believe this will create powerful inspiration in the Interns propelling them on their way to a career in Media Production.

Mr. Corey Davis, 20 year veteran teacher including 13 years as Audio/Video Instructor. Founder, Davis Media Production

Broadcasting Competitions

Competitions scheduled in the facility, from basketball to robotics, from culinary to dance, from poetry to martial arts, will have Interns assigned to broadcast the competition online. This provides excitement for the participants, especially for friends and family who could not be present. The fun and uplifting tone of the Intern broadcasters is directed toward inviting all people viewing to come visit. Letting everyone know they are welcome here.

Broadcasting a Solution

There has always been conflict between different cultures. The Source of the conflict can be racism, religion, economics, or any number of things that stems from these cultural divides. We all know trying to mold another mans identify to your own has negative results. Focusing on these differences can harm relationships. This program is designed to create unique ways to bring these groups together to find common ground as they work toward succeeding in a gamified scenario or simulated rescue missions.

There are countless reality TV shows requiring people to work together to accomplish a goal. Broadcasting is powerful. This is not a new idea. However, these shows typically cast from one particular culture. We will spotlight on groups who oppose, demonstrating to an audience, that differences can be put aside when working together. They don’t need to change the other person, but they need to find common ground. Typically, young people are more receptive to finding common ground. With these youth lead strategies, older generations viewing the broadcast, may even see things that soften their hearts.