A Solution

Next Generation Gang Member

Many cities have systems that monitor the number of gang members. Cities are reporting numbers in excess of 15,000 registered gang members. Every generation of youth wants to do things differently from the previous generation. They each have a new taste in music and entertainment. Gang members also bring new traditions. The new younger generation of gang members are starting new gangs with a goal to form alliances with the other gangs. If the gangs start to unite, you will have armies of tens of thousands of angry, frustrated youths. If a dynamic leader rises up, a powerful communicator capable of rallying these armies around a coordinated plan, it is game over.

We Have to Go Big

We need a huge, outstanding, and disciplined plan of our own. The only potential system that could possibly work with enough students to make a large impact is the Vo-Zone. Youth join gangs because they don’t see an alternative. Having peer students, from the same neighborhoods, introduce youth to a well-paid vocation, gives them something positive to live for. We are competing with the gangs for the futures of our youth. Introductions to vocations need to take place in a facility that is first and foremost, fun and entertaining. If you can’t get anyone in the door, you can’t begin the training toward a happy, fulfilling life. The Vo-Zone is a very large, ambitious plan. Which is exactly what we need. And it needs to happen now. The clock is ticking.